Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summit 2009.

This is my first blog.
As you read through these blogs, you will be reading about a young man's walk with God.
From the viewpoint of a 14 year old christian with a normal life.
It's not another 'Young Man's Battle' book (not saying those are bad) written by a 37 year old guy that was doing drugs, having sex, and drinking all the time as a teenager, but now he's saved and he's the youth pastor at a mega church.
(Again, I'm not saying that's bad)
But now I'm starting this blog the day after church camp.
While I'm still camp high, haha.

Summit 2009 changed my life.

Lately I'd kinda wondered off on my own.
I just hadn't been reading my bible, or praying as much.
I'll even admit that I was afraid to lift my hands in praise to God, because I was thought I might get embarressed...
I hadn't been pursuing God, whole heartedly.
Half probably...
And at Summit, I re-dedicated my life to Christ. Which was the best choice I had made in a long time.
I realized that God loves me, and he wants to use me. God has a perfect plan for my life.
So don't get worried about all the crap that doesn't matter.
And to start pursuing Him whole heartedly.
Because whatever it is that is limiting me to a half-hearted pursuit, isn't as important as I think it is. Because nothing is more important than God himself.
The night I re-dedicated my life, the speaker said something that really got to me.
Mike (the speaker) stepped off stage and walked over to a cross that was standing beside the stage.
Then he took the cross out of it's stand, and walked back to the front of the stage and lifted the cross up with one arm and said "Is this not enough?".
And I thought to myself, "Woah".
I thought, is the fact that God's love for us is so strong that he sent his very son to die on a cross for us because we deserve to burn in hell not enough for us to pursue him whole heartedly?
I thought about that.
For a while...

I was so selfish... That I didn't even think about his sacrifice.
So yeah, I'd thought about that.
But I'd never thought about it as "Is this not enough?" as Mike was holding the cross up high for all of us to see.
This was on Thursday night. The fourth night of camp.
Every night, I had gone down to the front of the tabernacle to pray and worship God.
But on Thursday night, Mike said that only the people that need to come are the people that need to come and re-dedicate there lives to God.
The people that need to say, "God, I will fight like crazy to pursue you whole heartedly. And evertime I fall down, I'll get back up. Time after time, fall after fall. I'll get up and keep fighting to pursue you."
Those people can come down. But the people that don't need to do these things can just stay in their rows of seats. So I prayed about it.
And I knew that I needed to go to the alter. So I did.
I walked down there, and as the band started to play, I dropped to my knees, lifted my hands to the sky, and began to cry.
I prayed hard. And on Thursday, July 30 2009. I re-dedicated my life to Christ.
And I started a life long walk with him.
That is a night that I'll never forget.

God is Great.